Academic Calendar

Start your education on your schedule.

Flexible Start Dates To Fit Your Life

Ƶ schedules multiple five- and 10-week terms each year for your convenience, with a one-to-two-week break between terms. Once you begin your first course, you will automatically be registered each term for the next course of your degree. 

With multiple terms to choose from each year, you can begin earning an online graduate degree right away or whenever it works best for your schedule.

Upcoming Start Dates*

You can begin earning your degree at the start of any of the following terms.

If you are having trouble viewing this content, please see the full academic calendar on the .


*Not all programs are available for each term start. Programs available during midterm vary. Please contact an enrollment counselor to verify that your program of interest is available during the term you’d like to begin your coursework.

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