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Studying online does not mean studying alone. We’re here to support your success every step of the way.

Welcome to Ƶ

Our 100% online virtual campus and classrooms allow you to achieve success on your schedule.

Flexible Starts & Pacing

It’s all about when and where you want to learn. Our classes are 100% online and ready when you are. There’s no scheduled lecture time or campus to visit. All you need is your computer or smartphone and a hotspot.

On Demand

You have 24/7 access to weekly modules, peer discussions, assignments and routine assessments — making it easy to study how and when it’s best for you.


Our courses follow a predictable, weekly schedule, and our faculty provide clear expectations to help you achieve success.

What Is It Like to Be an Online Student at ACE?

All ACE classes are rooted in forward-thinking, evidence-based instruction that is immediately applicable in your professional life. And with the flexibility of the online format, you can study on your own time and in your own place.

A typical week for an ACE Student involves:

  • Watching online video modules
  • Tuning into presentation-based course lectures
  • Engaging with peers through online discussions
  • Diving into content with papers or other assignments
  • Taking periodic assessments to demonstrate content mastery

Geared towards an adult learner who wants an accelerated path, our courses are typically offered in 5-week or 10-week formats with a break between terms.

Virtual Campus

Your success begins at our virtual campus — you’ll have 24/7 access to your virtual classroom, student commons, the library, and student support.

Virtual Classroom

Canvas is the technology that delivers your success in the virtual classroom on any browser or through the Android or iPhone mobile app. With small class sizes, you’ll get quick support from your professor.

Student Commons

The online Student Commons offers a wealth of resources including handbooks, research guides, approved sample dissertations, and step-by-step tutorials that accommodate different learning styles. You’ll find our Writing Center, Digital Tools Center, and have access to wide variety of software programs and video libraries to supplement your research and coursework.

Library and Tutoring

You’ll have access to the online library and virtual tutoring resources to support your research and writing.

Support for Your Academic Success

We are here to support you, while you advance your career!

Student Support

In addition to the professor teaching your course, you’ll have a dedicated Student Success Coach and 24/7 access to online tutoring, writing support, library services, and more to help you succeed.

Dissertation Support

If you’re working on your doctoral degree, you’ll get dedicated support from our dissertation faculty, who will guide your research and help you improve your dissertation. You’ll also have access to a Dissertation Boot Camp if you need extra support.

Alumni Support

Our alumni also want to help you succeed, build your professional network, and serve your community.

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